Take it E-A-S-Y

3 long years had passed since I got my Bachelor’s Degree. It was one of the best things happened to me. One of the greatest blessings I will always be grateful.

The most common thing people think, having aces on your transcript of record gives you an advantage of finding a better job. Which I am also guilty of. I thought reaching my goal in the media industry would not be as hard as I think of.

But I was wrong.

When I started looking for a job and having a lot of interviews, only then I realized, school records is not as important as gold. Yes, it affects your application but performance is the key.

Honestly, I had a hard time looking for a job in line with my chosen profession. I really wanted to pursue my writing, so I never had other target aside from all the media companies in my country. I had interviews but I always fail. Yes, I failed.

It was like a knife pierced to my heart.

I thought all my hopes will be gone. I thought it would be easy to just give up and accept defeat, but realization hit me like thunder. I am not even on the quarter part of my journey.

Since then, I started again. I composed my thoughts and myself.

Motivation always comes from within. If you don’t trust yourself, how other people will trust you, right? And that became my mantra. Since then, I started keeping in my mind not to be hard on myself. Take it easy. 

Right now, I am already 23 and still have a long way to run. I am an Account Executive in a Production and Advertising company, well not in the field of writing, but I guess it is not bad. What matters most is the art of writing is still in my heart. I keep on writing and reading. I still want to pursue my dream of becoming a writer but I guess the good Lord says, it is not yet the right time my dear. And I put all my trust in Him, he knows way best.

There are times I get frustrated and want to just skip the process but again, take it easy. Enjoy and live in the moment. It is not bad wanting more but we all need to undergo the process. It is along the way we will know what are the things needed for us to get there, to our destinations, to the fulfillment of our dreams.

So for now, let us not hurry. Life is too precious to be wasted.  Don’t let your struggles take away that beautiful dream inside you. It is not an easy journey but every part of it has a relevant part to your success.

Let us keep on dreaming. Keep on moving forward until the day we didn’t noticed that what we aiming is already placed in our hands.

See you there!





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