Summer Love Story

I’m staring at your picture one last time
Reminiscing in my mind all the moments you allowed me to own and call you mine
I’ve been doing this from night til dawn
But I am still not running out of words of my own

Everytime you pout your lips and hold my hand in the aisle
I can clearly recall how fast that makes me smile
You love to steal a kiss
Which I will surely miss

If we only met at the right time and place
Maybe we can still be happy like the old days
If it is not only this complicated
Maybe this time our hearts’ desire will be granted

How I wish to sleep and wake up next to you
Be drowned in your love and warm embrace too
How I wish to be your only one
And you, my only man

Isn’t it wonderful to be in love?
Feels like the best thing you’ll ever have
But love is not always like a fairytale
That every princess ends up wearing a veil

The truth is, it is not always a happy ending
The way you left me deeply hurting
But as much as I want to hate you
The more my heart cries out to love you
I can do nothing but let go of you
I am still thankful for once in my life I had the chance to be with you

Now is the time to say goodbye
My last glimpse in your eyes
You’ll be my best memory
The only character I will always love to remember in this sad love story.


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