Beat the Heat


It is already summer, and when it is summer BEACH is the first thing on the list. Who doesn’t love beaches? Is there anyone who hates living in the moment with just the water, sun, friends and family?

I love that kind of thing. And I guess, most of us enjoy that kind of time.

It is my very first time to be in a place outside my comfort zone. It is my very first time to go outside my country. And it is my very first to work abroad. At first, it’s really difficult but because my mom is also there, I at least feel relieved and somehow safe.

So to make the story short, I am now here in Abu Dhabi. A place far far different to the place I grew up with. But because of the familiar faces of every “kabayan” I somehow feel at home.

And because it is already summer here, who would not even dare to try the beach. One of the well know beach here in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche Beach which is just beside the road. Easy access, no hassle.

Since, it was my day off, me and cousin decided to go and swim. Girl bonding! πŸ™‚
We just went to the grocery to buy some chips then went there.

Conrniche Beach is very long and it has different gates where you can swim and relax. We decided to go to the Gate 4, there is an entrance which is 10dhs and if you want the umbrella tent it is only 25dhs. Not bad. Or if you don’t have budget, you can just stay on the sand like having a picnic.

And after that, you can now enjoy the water and the sun like we did.

Now is just the beginning of summer here so I am expecting more more beaches to visit πŸ™‚

No matter how busy we get, let’s not forget to enjoy what life has to offer. So go the beach and enjoy summer πŸ™‚ See yah!



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