In a Distance

I can stare at your eyes
Whole day.
Whole night.

I can see your smile
So wide.
So Pure.

I can listen to your voice
So sweet.
So firm.

I can smell your scent.
It stays.
It soothes.

I can feel your touch.
So gentle.
So calm.

I can describe you every second
No lapse.
No hush.

I can imagine you in front of me
Causing my heart beats fast
Wanting moments to last

I can do these things
I can say these words
I can do everything, everything…

But all these everything,
My everything
Well, you, my everything
Will always be in a distance

Where my feelings is in motion but hidden in disguise
Where intense affection covered in silence
Where your presence is so close yet very, very far

I can’t tell you how much, how deep
‘Cause only in a distance
I can call you mine
“Cause only in a distance
I can call you my love, my own

And only in that distance
I can just turn around…
Admit to myself how much I want you
How much I need you,
and worse how much I love you over and over again.


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