Exploring Tanay

It’s been a while since my last post about my travel and adventure. Well, work is consuming too much of my time. Thank God this one happened.

Since, I’ll be leaving the country to work abroad, some of my closest friends at work decided that we have this trip. Actually this should be just an overnight which ended up to road trip and fun.

It was Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Our meeting place is in Tanay Public Market since two of my companions live somewhere in Rizal. I was with Mackie, we took a van from Starmall-Shaw, our fare was 70.00 each. We have no idea how far that place but based on the blog posts I’ve read, it was a 2 long hours drive. That hurts our butts, really!

After the waiting game in Jollibee near the market, our friends arrived.

There were already tricycle outside. Each one is offering fare, some were overpricing. You just have to be wise. Make sure your arrangement with the driver is clear if you don’t want to waste money. Since we thought, most of them were not giving fair fare, we decided to just go to San Ildefonso Church. We walked out and cross the street. While waiting for a jeepney, another tricycle driver came to us. We asked him to drive us to the church and the fare is only 10.00 from the Tanay Public Market. So we agreed!

While on the road, kuya driver asked our other destinations aside from the church and the bargain started. We agreed to pay him 1200.00 for a whole day trip with 8 local destinations.

Without further a do, we started our trip, a very long trip.


It is one of the oldest churches in Rizal and holds many religious artifacts.

(c) Mae Brimon
San Ildefonso Parish
Inside shot of the church
Me, Grace, Joy and Mackie taking a group picture outside the church 🙂



From San Ildefonso Parish, it is a 15-20 minutes drive. According to Kuya Tutoy there are54 wind mills providing electricity to the whole province of Rizal.



If you want a souvenir you can buy these cute little wind mills. (small-150, larger:200)

REGINA RICA (Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia)

It is a 71 foot statue of Queen of the Holy Rosary. It serves as a 14 hectares sanctuary for Dominican sisters of Regina Rosarii.






Calinawan cave served a stronghold of Filipino resistance fighters against colonizers. It also served a setting to many local and some international films. There is tour guide fee which is 200.00 and entrance fee of 20.00

Entrance of the cave.
Posing with a face rock formation on the upper right
Flashlights to light our selfies. It is cold inside the cave.
If you touch this natural glitters on the rock, you need to fine 25,000. So you better watch out.
This is on the other end of the cave. Wooh! We survived!



It is one of known destinations in Tanay. It is 15-20 minutes ride from Calinawan Cave. It opens from 8am to 5pm. If you want to rent a table, it is 200.00 and if a table cottage, 300.00

Water is so cold. An the falls is almost 10 meters deep.




Tanay lakeshore became our last destinations. We were too tired and badly want to get home. So we just have one photo. But according to kuya Tutoy, during sunrise and sunset is the best time of viewing. It provides a grand view of the lake and mountains.


So, this sums upo our trip. There are still other tourist destination in rizal that you might want to visit like hiking to Mt. Daraitan and masungi Rock. You can also go swim at Daraitan River, Kinabuan falls, Mayagay and Tinipak.

If you really want a short but fun travel with your family and friends you can always run to this place it is just 2 hours away from the metro.

So til our next travel and adventure!


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