Your presence is very hard to find
From time to time, you are swirling over my mind
When you are in front of me
My words of love suddenly flee

Every time you came near
I can’t stop my heart to be in fear
Fear or loosing you
Fear of falling too

Your smile is an innocent assassin
It kills my system again and again
Your poison slowly makes me faint-heated
And hopelessly devoted

Why I could not resist  your stare?
If you have nothing to spare
My mind keeps on saying “give it up”
But my heart insist “do not give up”

I don’t know what’s the matter with you
I just felt it out of the blue
You came in
And my heart welcomes you in

Now, I cannot let you go
You are the one who made me feel so
Just give me some glance
Or even an owe of chance

In the most limited time
I’ll do my best to make you mine
Let my love shine
And be in front of the line.


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