Have a break. Live a life.

Have you ever feel exhausted of your life? Have you ever feel tired of your everyday routine? Or do you have time to think of the things you missed? Or maybe your own self was already taken away without even noticing?
We wake up each day to go to work or school. We work hard to excel in our fields. We strive harder to have a better position, better life. We go home to finish all the take home responsibilities and that makes our life go round.
In our present generation, we are too much consumed by the world which makes our lives revolve around it. For you to survive, you need to compete, you must be on the top of the race. Because we believe, when we get there, success, freedom and idendity will reward us.

Sadly, most of us think that way.

We are turning to be the kind of person who runs fast to reach our destinations, our goals. We are turning to be that person who can spend 24/7 on business appointments, company strategizing, paper researching, etc. We are turning to be the person who can forget everything in life aside from work and performance.
We are turning to be the person this world created us to be. We are slowly becoming obsessive on standards that takes away the freedom of life.

Everydays becomes toxic the way it shouldn’t be. We are not robots and slave of the world.

“You do this, you do that.”

“Go there, go here.”

“Arrange that, arrange this.”

Don’t you feel exhausted? Don’t you feel the need of an escape?

We are created to see the beauty of life, to experience the joy of having a family and friends, to enjoy the abundant blessings from up above and to be the person we were created for for the fulfillment of His will.

That is somehow life should be experience and not wasted. Life is one of the greatest blessings ever given to us humans. We all know, this is temporary and we don’t know when all these things will end, so isn’t it fair to have a rest and forget all the stressing factors of life?
Since, we are young, we were exposed on how our lives should be experienced. That is why all this time, we strive harder and harder to make it to the top which is never wrong. We need to be the best of ourselves to reach our goals and live comfortably. But the problem comes along the way. In the midst of our journeys, we forget the essence of hardwork and perseverance. We are blinded by the misleading offers of the world. Our focus is pointed on the different directions of life which sometimes results to self-destruction, depression and imorality.

Is that how our lives should be?

When we are going to realize how deep this world consumed our life, our selves?

How much time and effort are we willing to waste just to be on the top of this race?

Don’t let the standards of this world deprive you of life and even worse of yourself. This world is a better place if we learn how to take one step at a time.

Each of us, has the right time to arrive in our own destinations. It is always best to experience the journey to its fullest ’cause it’s what makes you fulfilled and contented when you finally say ‘hello’ to your success.

Let’s keep dreaming.

Let’s keep believing.

Let’s keep pursuing our dreams.

And most of all, let’s not deprive ourselves from experiencing life to its fullness.

Have a break. Live a life.


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