What will you do when the time that you’ve been waiting for so long has come while you’re still stuck in the middle of an opportunity?

Would you give up the first one?

Would you take the risk of the new one?

Or would you just gave up both?

It has been a year ago when I started working in this job. At first,  I thought  I won’t be able to stay this long but because of my colleagues, every single day got easier and happier. I found new family in them.

Working in this company gave me so much opportunity. In less than a year I was trained into three different accounts which exposed me to a wider field of experience. There were lot of opportunities came and passed by during my stay which never bothered me because I still enjoy everything I do.

Until this happened. Everything changed. It seemed the working environment I loved and enjoyed before became toxic. I started to find it hard going to work every single day. I started to have no care on my scorecard. I started to lose the eagerness to go beyond extra mile of service. And worst, I started thinking easiest and fastest ways to escape in this changed world.

I just don’t want to do this job anymore.

I was a Mass Communication graduate so I started looking for a job where I can practice my expertise. I passed my resume in every job opening I searched on the internet. But the luck seemed not so into me. Another month had passed and I’m still trapped in this job.

What am I gonna do? 

I stopped looking for a job. I took a rest in hoping that there is a great escape. I am now on training for my third skill set. I really enjoy learning new things but I don’t see myself staying for few more months in this job. I still excel in the class, I got higher grades on exams and role plays. That’s a good thing but not a consideration to stay.

While I was sharing my frustrations to someone, he suddenly opened that their company is looking for a writer and public information and events coordination. That was the same position he offered when I was on the earlier months of my job.

As far as I remember this was my exact words to him when he offered me that job the very first time: “I really want to be in that job, that’s actually my dream job but I’ve already started this and I enjoy what I am doing right now. Maybe after a year ago, if that same position is open again, I really want to grab that.”

And maybe I have luck in my tongue. This is what I’m waiting for, this will be my escape.

I became excited and wanted to be there instantly. This is it. A job with great compensation, a Monday to Friday shift, and I will be ale to practice my degree. I’M REALLY INTO IT. I WANT THIS!

But no work is perfect. There is no regularization. If they love your performance your contract will be renewed but if not, they are going to let you go. In short, there is no stability.

So now, I’m in the middle of weighing things. I really don’t know what to do. I need to make a firm decision and face the risk of choosing either staying or leaving for good.

Oh, God help me!


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