Hello, Goodbye!

I’m feeling nostalgic.
That surreal beauty lost its magic
You were once that song in “all of me”
But now fade away instantly

That late night to morning talk
That slow and careful walk
Where had it been?
It was awhile since that last scene

What else can I hide?
Your presence is like a river so wide
Holding me here and back
Confusing me until I lost my track

Sun already set, and now it rise
Waking me up to that endless cries
Clouds moving here and there
Shaking this feeling to something elsewhere

When the rain started to fall
It washed away my all in all
Madness over that raging splash
Crumpled and trampled the art to the ground of trash

What I have been missing?
Have you decided and left me hanging?
Four seasons had past
I almost believe that what we had will last

I have been searching something in my heart
I wanted to retrieve that piece of you who already move apart
Giving up is not a word to me
It is not even an option I see

But when that silence slapped me on my sleep
I suddenly fell in the deepest of the deep
Thousand times of reeling pain
Is everything I gain.

Ask me how hard it was?
It was like counting those little wild grass
Keep holding on to nothing
Is still a great experience, darling

Now that I have reached the farthest of the far
Let me surrender a white flag in this long war
Enough of the what, when, where and why
And someday, I could say… hello, goodbye.


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