Just A Feeling

It took me weeks before your eyes met mine
That moment was like a smooth, graceful pouring wine.
You smiled and I hide
My heart rolled out in a huge tide

Days later, we had that little conversation
Which was the sweetest sensation
You were talking to me
And that sound was a lovely sound of buzzing bee.

That one day, when I felt the touch of your hand
I suddenly traveled in a place called wonderland
Sweet caress of that inch of care
Made my heart and mind accept the love dare.

Butterflies filled my eyes
Every single day, it flies me to the sky
Wandering in the lost hope of love
Dreaming freedom of smooth sailing dove.

What ways can I do to stop falling in love with you
Days are getting brighter and even better when I’m all around you
Your eyes, your lips, your touch, your smile and even your voice
All of it… pulling and telling me that I don’t have a choice.

Time passing by, and can’t put you out of my mind
Your acceptance and appreciation is all I wanna find
If this is craziness and weirdness you called
Well, I guess it is a thing I always want to hold

There is one thing I always wanted to ask
But it seems it is a wild and drastic task
I can’t wait to hear an answer
But your silence is a great pretender.

“Please”… is just another word left unsaid
River of tears had already shed
After everything felt and said
Now tell me… that everything is JUST A FEELING I had.


2 thoughts on “Just A Feeling

  1. A fresh and green love. Very touching and can see that you are full of internal emotion, loving. The opposite party should be very honored and accept than just a feeling you had!
    Keep it up…u can write even better…

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