We were destined to meet… but were not meant with each other.

I just met you and never imagine to like you.
We never became close but we became friends.
I thought the story would end up like a happy friendship
But it never was….
My thoughts started to go against me…
This crazy little thing called love  infected me…
It was really hard for me… my own heart betrayed me.
I have nothing to do but to like you, even worse to love you.
I know that this feeling is not right from the very start…
but my heart had chosen your heart to be its home.
I thought, being honest with my feelings would make me feel satisfy
but for the second time, my heart go against me.
The feelings that once makes me happy, has turned into something and makes me lonely.
But I keep on believing in the magic of love...
That someday you would change your mind
That someday you would come and tell that your heart is mine…
But again, i never learned… i end up crying and asking why!
 Why do some things come and suddenly go somewhere?
Why do some people makes you feel special and just leave you in the hole.
Why do love makes you happy and suddenly makes you lonely?
Well, I guess this is how it really goes…
Love will never be according to our plans…
It has its own way, its own standards and its own magic.
We just need to believe that if love does not worked this time…
it will surely come and makes you rhyme.

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