When does love comes along?

Love is the most special and significant feeling in this world.

Love can do all things

Love can change the world

Love is not impossible but is out of the blue…

But when does LOVE comes along?

Loves comes with the most unexpected time

It may happen in the most romantic way

But also can be in the most embarrassing way.

You had a bad day and someone makes you feel better…LOVE COMES ALONG

You slipped off the floor then someone caught you…LOVE COMES ALONG

Someone offered you a handkerchief while crying under the rain…LOVE COMES ALONG

Someone saved you from danger…LOVE COMES ALONG

…that is how LOVE comes into our lives

We don’t want to but LOVE insists…

We ignore but LOVE shouts…

We deny but LOVE shows…

Love comes with the most unexpected time…

for us not to love for a reason or even a condition.

Love is a feeling that doesn’t care about the standard of this world.

Love comes for those

who seek…

who wait…

who hope…


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