Going from one place to another is my thing. It feels great to experience new things in new places with new people, with your random friends or with someone special or sometimes… just with yourself.

And for this weekend, we have experience the beauty, thrill and adventure of the “HEART of ASIA: Puerto Galera” in Oriental, Mindoro.

From Quezon City, it was a 2 hours bus ride to Batangas port and then almost 1 hour boat ride to the island then another ride for about 30 minutes to the White Beach proper. There were affordable hotels and rooms where you could spend the rest of your stay. People were so accommodating and fun. Food stalls and souvenir shops were everywhere. You won’t run out of choices.

Aside from the usual swimming activity, you could also try para sailing, banana boat ride, island hopping, snorkeling and jetski. Boredom will never be an issue, the choice is all yours.

of course, the fun doesn’t end there. When the sun sets, party lights and music are everywhere. You have to move, groove and shake. PARTY ALL NIGHT! Well, as for me, that was the best part of our stay. :)

Everything was just so perfect and fun. Here are some of the pictures taken at the island. It is really more fun in the Philippines! Enjoy browsing!







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I’m feeling nostalgic.
That surreal beauty lost it’s magic
You were once that song in “all of me”
But now fade away instantly

That late night to morning talk
That slow and careful walk
Where had it been?
It was awhile since that last scene

What else can I hide?
Your presence is like a river so wide
Holding me here and back
Confusing me until I lost my track

Sun already set, and now it rise
Waking me up to that endless cries
Clouds moving here and there
Shaking this feeling to something elsewhere

When the rain started to fall
It washed away my all in all
Madness over that raging splash
Crumpled and trampled the art to the ground of trash

What I have been missing?
Have you decided and left me hanging?
Four seasons had past
I almost believe that what we had will last

I have been searching something in my heart
I wanted to retrieve that piece of you who already move apart
Giving up is not a word to me
It is not even an option I see

But when that silence slapped me on my sleep
I suddenly fell in the deepest of the deep
Thousand times of reeling pain
Is everything I gain.

Ask me how hard it was?
It was like counting those little wild grass
Keep holding on to nothing
Is still a great experience, darling

Now that I have reached the farthest of the far
Let me surrender a white flag in this long war
Enough of the what, when, where and why
And someday, I could say… hello, goodbye.

It took me weeks before your eyes met mine
That moment was like a smooth, graceful pouring wine.
You smiled and I hide
My heart rolled out in a huge tide

Days later, we had that little conversation
Which was the sweetest sensation
You were talking to me
And that sound was a lovely sound of buzzing bee.

That one day, when I felt the touch of your hand
I suddenly traveled in a place called wonderland
Sweet caress of that inch of care
Made my heart and mind accept the love dare.

Butterflies filled my eyes
Every single day, it flies me to the sky
Wandering in the lost hope of love
Dreaming a freedom of smooth sailing dove.

What ways can I do to stop falling in love with you
Days are getting brighter and even better when I’m all around you
Your eyes, your lips, your touch, your smile and even your voice
All of it… pulling and telling me that I don’t have a choice.

Time passing by, and can’t put you out of my mind
Your acceptance and appreciation is all I wanna find
If this is craziness and weirdness you called
Well, I guess it is a thing I always want to hold

There is one thing I always wanted to ask
But it seems it is a wild and drastic task
I can’t wait to hear an answer
But your silence is a great pretender.

“Please”… is just another word left unsaid
River of tears had already shed
After everything felt and said
Now tell me… that everything is JUST A FEELING I had.

Your gentleness softens my heart
Every single care you shows draw me close to your part
Words of encouragement
A bull’s eye to my entire fulfillment

Those glimpse has now became stare
The sounding pound of feelings is now unaware
The innocence of heart was caught and trapped in the ring of confusion
And ended up asking for a million answers to a one definite question

Day by day it is digging deeper
I even tried to manipulate this heart not to become bitter
The resistance of my consciousness can’t take it anyway
‘Cause your breathless presence lingers every single day

What a crazy thing has happened to me
This is not what I ever wanted it to be
But you already captured that cloud of emotions
Which eventually turned my illusions into realizations

You, why jailed my heart
If we’re always be an inch apart?
You are near to me yet so far
Why left my heart wandering in the middle of love war?


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Everything seems to be okay
All I’ve been thinking we are walking on the same way
You were exceptionally kind and gentle
But why it seems you have no one to settle?

Every single day of togetherness
Is slowly ending like a mess
The idea of starting new
Was left out of the blue

The feelings once loved and treasured
Why now came to an end and lost its beautiful gestures?
What pain could be more painful
Than a feeling became wasteful

Not all things seem to last
Even your kindness has to pass
And now that you’re happy with her
I was left alone and trying to be even better.

God’s forgiveness is beyond measure. Regardless of what are our sins or how many times we stumble and fall, His love never changes and still reserving those tons of patience and care for us. God’s mighty hands are always wide open to give the warmest embrace to His lost children.

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If there’s one movie which made me believe about the power of love, it is LETTERS TO JULIET. This movie had shown what love can do through the age of time.

And let me share to you this beautiful and heart warming reply/letter of Sophie to Claire who almost lost the hope of seeing her one true love.

Dear Claire,

What and if are two words as nonthreatening as words can be. But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.

What if?
What if?
What if?

I don’t know how your story ended but if what you felt then was true love then it’s never too late. If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? You only need the courage to follow your heart.

I don’t know what a love like Juliet’s feels like, a love to leave loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for, but I’d like to believe, if ever I were to feel it, that I’d have the courage to seize it. And Claire if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will.

All my love,

source of the letter: http://thelittlethiiiings.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/sophies-reply-to-claire-letters-to-juliet/

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We were destined to meet… but were not meant with each other.

I just met you and never imagine to like you.
We never became close but we became friends.
I thought the story would end up like a happy friendship
But it never was….
My thoughts started to go against me…
This crazy little thing called love  infected me…
It was really hard for me… my own heart betrayed me.
I have nothing to do but to like you, even worse to love you.
I know that this feeling is not right from the very start…
but my heart had chosen your heart to be its home.
I thought, being honest with my feelings would make me feel satisfy
but for the second time, my heart go against me.
The feelings that once makes me happy, has turned into something and makes me lonely.
But I keep on believing in the magic of love...
That someday you would change your mind
That someday you would come and tell that your heart is mine…
But again, i never learned… i end up crying and asking why!
 Why do some things come and suddenly go?
Why do some people makes you feel special and just leave you in the hole.
Why do love makes you happy and suddenly makes you lonely?
Well, I guess this is how it really goes…
Love will never be according to our plans…
It has its own way, its own standards and its own magic.
We just need to believe that if love does not worked this time…
it will surely come and makes you rhyme.